The vine-growing work of our family began in 1970 when our grandfather Garibaldo decided to buy “Tenuta Cantagallo”, a winery located in Capraia e Limite in the Chianti Montalbano docg zone. In 1990 his nephew Enrico also began his work as a winemaker, with the shared intention of bringing the company to a high quality level of wine production.

In 1990, the “Tenuta Le Farnete” was added to the first farm, located in the historic wine-growing area of Carmignano DOCG.

Our wineries are located in the great historical areas with high grape-growing and wine-making culture, confirmed by the Grand Ducal Proclamation of 1716 written by Cosimo De Medici, to identify the territory suitable for producing wine “able of navigating”, according to rules, as in the current DOCG laws which protect quality wines.
Our philosophy of high quality production trasmitted to us by the history of the Chianti Area could be summed up in a phrase:
“A bottle of wine for each vine stock”, that is, no more than a kilogram of grapes per each plant.
In 2000 the booming agricultural activity leads to the creation of our olive oil mill, to enhance the quality of the olive grower’s activity, an agritourism with swimming pool and an  Osteria with only Tuscan products. At the same time, the family business in the company also grows with the sisters Serena and Enrica, who take care of the shipping department and the management of the agritourism, the sister-in-law Monia, who takes care of the administration, and the brother Dario, who supports Enrico in the business management.

We work with a philosophy that can be summed up in a few simple words:

A family who keeps its feet in the past, use its hands to work in the present and its mind to produce quality for the future

We are strongly anchored as winemakers and olive growers to values and respect for tradition with the intention of enhancing the native vines.

Our daily work takes place with practicality and attention from the field to the cellar as essential requirements for a quality production.

Our head is always turned towards the future as we are a generation with an open mind to the continuous evolutions of both technology, society, consumers and the preservation of the environment.
With this vision aimed at creating long-term value and not at maximizing an immediate return, as agricultural work entails and the times of nature teach, we have made choices over the years to transform the company into an eco-winery, from our Osteria with zero km products up to the use of renewable energy sources.
The protection of the territory where we work is not only aimed at producing quality but also at adopting solutions that guarantee future generations the natural resources to work and live with an equal or, we hope, even better quality of life.