Questions and Answers

to satisfy all your curiosity about Osteria Cantagallo

At dinner the Osteria is open every day except Tuesday. For lunch it is only open on Sundays.

Reservation is preferable, especially at weekends.

Yes, for vegetarians there is at least one dish per course ( appetiser, first course and main course).

Upon reservation, the restaurant also cooks dishes for celiacs.

On request, the restaurant provides a reserved room with a table for two. It is a small ‘cave’, carved out of a rock and perfect for organising a romantic dinner.

Yes, because it is easily accessible in any season and has a large hall that lends itself to hosting tables. Also, when the weather permits, tables are set outside and children can play in the open air.

Yes. In the 6-7 p.m. time slot, food can be reserved to be taken away. Pick-up must take place before 7:30 pm.

Order online and taste our 0 km Tuscan cuisine directly at home!

The restaurant being on the ground floor is easily accessible, the restroom is also on the same floor as the dining room.